Cambridge Delta Teacher Training Course 2022

in Worcester, Central England

Cambridge English Authorised CentreWhat is the Delta course?

The acronym "DELTA" comes from "Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults". It is a Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is awarded by Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge.

It is one of the best-known and most popular advanced TEFL/TESOL qualifications in the world. It is a flexible way for experienced English language teachers to progress further in their careers. Delta can be taken at any stage in a teacher’s career and is ideal for those wanting to update their teaching knowledge and improve their practice.

Candidates taking Delta will normally have an initial English language teaching (ELT) qualification and will have had at least one year’s ELT experience, but these are not requirements.

Delta is regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) at Level 7 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Delta can help you to:

  1. extend your knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching
  2. critically examine your current beliefs and practices as a teacher
  3. apply your new knowledge and understanding to your current teaching role
  4. extend your knowledge of English language teaching in contexts other than adult learners
  5. develop your career and apply for more senior roles.


The Delta Modules

There are three Delta Modules, with a choice of two options for Module Three:

Module One Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching
Module Two Developing Professional Practice
Module Three

Option 1: Extending Practice and ELT Specialism
Option 2: English Language Teaching Management

Module 1

Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching

This module focuses on the background to teaching and learning English in a range of contexts.

Module 1 Content areas

  • Theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching
  • Different approaches and methodologies, including current developments
  • Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems
  • Language skills and learners’ problems
  • Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language learning
  • Key concepts and terminology related to assessment.


Module 2

Developing Professional Practice

This module focuses on the principles and practice of planning and teaching.

Module 2 Content areas

  • The language learner and the language learning context
  • Preparation for teaching English to language learners
  • Evaluating, selecting and using resources and materials for teaching purposes
  • Managing and supporting learning
  • Evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching
  • Observation/evaluation of other teachers’ lessons
  • Professionalism and opportunities for professional development.


Module 3

Option 1: Extending Practice and ELT Specialism

This module focuses on needs analysis, syllabus design, course planning and assessment in the context of a selected specialism.

Module 3/1 Content areas

  • Research into specialist areas
  • Principles of syllabus design and implications for specific learning contexts
  • Designing syllabus and teaching programmes to meet the needs of learners in the specific context of the selected specialism
  • Course design and development in the specific context of the selected specialism
  • The principles and practice of testing and assessment and their application to the candidate’s specialist area
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness and quality of courses and programmes of study.

Option 2: English Language Teaching Management

This module focuses on situation analysis and planning, and implementing change in the context of a selected management specialism.

Module 3/2 Content areas

  • Research into a chosen management specialism
  • Methods of situation analysis
  • Design of change proposals
  • Implementation of change proposals.

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